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Email Etiquette Made Easy

Comprehensive Guide / Book

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Wow!  Just revised - November 2009

2009 4th Revised Edition

Comprehensive Guide:  150+ pages of
information, exercises, & activities

Electronic version (download now) = $19 

What a bargain!  Consider how much just one mistake in an email could cost you - lost goodwill, lost professional image, or lost revenue!  Don't be lost; order now!

For TIPS and excerpts from the book - Read on!


“After reading this book,
I saved several hours per week.”

--Amy F., Customer Service Manager


Don't take a chance on committing an embarrassing mistake or blunder with your colleagues or boss.  Don't waste another valuable minute of your time wondering if you're sending
inappropriate emails. 

“I've been putting your email etiquette book to good use!”
“ . . . I refer to your material so often.”
--Karen K, Training Manager, Marriott International

E-mail Etiquette Made Easy Content:

  • Learn to communicate professionally, and save time by writing e-mail messages more effectively.

  • Avoid embarrassing e-mail blunders that could jeopardize your credibility or cost you customers.

  • No theory here.  Discover practical techniques for improving your email communication - with exercises to reinforce your learning.

"... a wonderful book - clear, concise and
full of practical suggestions."

--Annette C., Service Manager,
London Special Educational Needs Mediation Service

Click here to order - electronic version (download now)

 E-mail Etiquette Made Easy Format:

This Comprehensive Guide (150+ pages) is written in plain English with an easy-to-read format that lets you learn in a hurry.  Each chapter contains a summary, so you can learn at-a-glance or reinforce what you just read.  The book is filled with specific examples, exhibits, exercises, and samples that allow you to apply what you’re reading.  You can even use this Guide as a training tool and teach others about email etiquette.

"Yes, I’m utilizing much of my new learnings!  Shorter email messages; abbreviated signature for internal mail; really thinking through who I “cc”; not sending “reply all” unless absolutely necessary. These alone have been a great help to me to communicate more effectively.  Thanks again.”  Maryland Association of CPAs


 E-mail Etiquette Made Easy

Table of Contents


Chapter 1:  Overview
(How to Use This Book - Fast!)

Chapter 2:  Before You Write the Message
(From the Depths of Despair to the Peaks of Productivity)

Chapter 3:  Writing the Message
(Forget Shakespeare, Focus on Efficiency)

Chapter 4:  Advanced Writing Techniques
(Be a Clear Concise Connie, Not a Rambling Ray)

Chapter 5:  Formatting the Message
(Lookin' Good)

Chapter 6:  Greetings, Closings, & Contact Info
(Don't Be Shy!)

Chapter 7:  Professional Image
(Make a Profitable - Not Poor - First Impression)

Chapter 8:  Special Vocabulary
(Avoid Awful Acronyms and Jumbled Jargon

Chapter 9:  "Send" Tools that are . . . Good
(Use the Useful - Subject, Reply, Acknowledge, Wrong Person)

Chapter 10:  "Send" Tools that are . . . Bad
(Avoid the Annoying - Reply All, Urgent, Receipt Verify, Conflict)

Chapter 11:  "Send" Tools that are . . . Ugly
(Tangle with the Tricky - CC, BCC, Attach, Forward)

Chapter 12:  Choose the Best Method of Communication
(Email is Fast, But Carrier Pigeon Will Get Their Attention)

Click here to order - electronic version (download now)

There's NO RISK.  If you aren't satisfied,
we return your money.  No hassles!

Do you really need to see more? Okay . . .

Excerpts from Email Etiquette Made Easy


"Writing the Message" -


To help visualize what an informational message should look like, think about an upside down pyramid. It’s wide/broad at the top. That’s where you put the general information. Then the pyramid gets more narrow as you go down. Your message should get more specific as you go along.


Kelly's Cool Tip (The book is filled with these!) -

Put your contact information on documents
you send as attachments


With an attachment, the recipient uses his/her own printer and paper.  So, there isn’t any identifying information on the pages.  There’s nothing to connect the document back to the email “cover letter” - unless the reader also prints the email message and staples it to the other print out.  (Fat chance of that happening!)  Translation:  There’s no contact information on the attachment!  Your name is no where on that printed page.  


Reduce the Number of Emails You Send/Receive
(Answer Decisively)

If someone asks if you’d like to schedule a meeting, don’t respond “yes.”

Why not? Because you’ll spend the next ten minutes sending five more emails to determine when and where.

Instead, be decisive. Make a recommendation. Here’s an example.

“I’m happy to meet with you. We can meet at my office. I’m available on Tuesday at 2 p.m. or Thursday at 10 a.m. Which is better for you?”

What if the person isn’t available during either of those times? Guess what! He or she will tell you. If the person IS available, you’ve just checked one more thing off your To Do list - and it didn’t require 15 emails.


Responding to an Angry Message


How do you avoid the temptation to hit the “Reply” button and tell the sender exactly how you feel? Vent in Word. Open an MSWord or other word processing document. Then, start typing everything you’re thinking and feeling.

This is a great coping technique when you’re angry or upset. It’s also safe because you don’t have to worry about hitting the send button too soon.

You’ll feel better after you’ve told your poor computer exactly what you think. Now, you’re better prepared to focus on the facts and write a non-emotional response.

 "... allowed me to see first hand the high quality of the E-Talk
seminar and speaker that I can bring to my members.” 
TN Society of CPAs


Click here to order - electronic version (download now)

Fun Quizzes & Exercises
(Regarding Spelling and Typos . . . )

How did you (do, dew) on the spelling quiz?  Don’t feel (too, to, two) overwhelmed if (you, ewe) didn’t do (very, vary) well.  (When, win) it comes to these words, you don’t have to memorize all of (their, they’re, there) meanings.  The (key, quay) is to use this quiz as a (cue, queue) to recognize which words to look up.  Remember the spell checker won’t catch everything.  In fact, it may not catch anything at all.

Click here to order - electronic version (download now)

Download this book now!

You can have this information immediately.  No driving to the bookstore or waiting for the mail carrier.  No paying for shipping and handling.  Simply click the button below.  After providing your credit card number and receiving authorization, the book will download to your hard drive.  Now, you can read the book on the screen, or print it.

Note:  You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to read this book.  If you don’t have it, click below to access it FREE.    



Price =

$19 for the electronic version (download now)



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