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Huh?  Listen Up! 

CD    60 minutes   

(On hold -- being Revised!)


Active listening helps you avoid conflict, decrease costly miscommunications, and create better relationships with customers and employees. 


Great news!  This CD is being revised and expanded into two CDs.  These will be available soon. 


In the meantime, here's a teaser - so you can see what you'll be getting.


In the first CD, you'll discover the #1, fundamental most  important element in listening.  When you master this technique, your ability to listen and understand will significantly improve.  Oh, did I mention there's a Fun Quiz?  Test your listening skills!  I bet you aren't as good a listener as you thought you were.  Yes, I've just thrown out a challenge.  Will you accept?  Who's right?  There's only one way to find out!  Buy the CD and take the quiz. 


In the second CD, you'll learn about the four traps that block effective listening.  Then, you'll discover practical techniques to improve your listening skills by overcoming these traps.  Never fear, this CD will also include a Fun Listening Riddle


Both CDs are filled with exercises, examples, and activities.  You'll immediately see how these techniques are relevant to you, and you'll learn how to apply the techniques to become a more effective listener and communicator.


“Kelly, I applied your advise to “listen to understand, not to agree” yesterday and it’s very effective!” – Huffman Publishing

Order Information

The Two Listening Skills CDs will be available soon!

If you simply can't wait, email me now: info@keepcustomers.com
I'll make sure you get the CDs as soon as they're finished.

 “I know our group hinges on customer service
and we appreciate your help!”
  Fastball Internet

Here are the answers to the Listening Riddles from Great Communicating! newsletter.  Click here to get your own FREE subscription (loaded with tips and articles).


July/Aug 04 issue
By Kelly J. Watkins
Directions:  Read paragraph below; answer questions

During my trip to Antarctica (I've now visited all seven
continents, yeah!), I discovered an interesting fact.  The
continent of Antarctica isn't ruled by any one country.  Instead, it's governed by the Antarctic Treaty - whose goal is to promote peace and science.  There are approximately 44 countries who are party to the Treaty.  When created in 1961, the agreement was hailed as one of the most successful international treaties ever drafted.

Question One:
So, if a flight from New Zealand to Antarctica crashes in the ocean at the exact mid-way point between the two, where would the unidentified survivors be buried?
a) New Zealand;  b) Antarctica;  c) Their home country;
d) None of the above.

Question Two:


The answer is d) None of the above.  Why?  Because survivors are still alive.  I don't think they'd appreciate being buried anywhere!

Congratulations to Jenny J. from Kentucky who won this drawing.  She received a Training Package worth $104!

Want to test your listening skills some more?

Click here to order "Huh? Listen Up!" - a CD filled with practical techniques and FUN QUIZ QUESTIONS.
The special discount price is only available for a limited time!


Oct/Nov 04 issue
By Kelly J. Watkins
Directions:  Read paragraph below; answer question


During a trip to Morocco in Northern Africa, I had the
opportunity to take a camel ride into the countryside. Now, I've ridden a lot of horses in my life.  But, riding a camel is a completely different challenge.  For one thing, those darned saddles are mighty uncomfortable, especially after a few hours of riding.

After swaying in that less-than-soft saddle, my bottom was sore and sad.  How many "s's" in that?



The answer is Zero.

Why?  Because there are zero "s's" in the word "that."

Congratulations to John P. from Texas who won the drawing.  He received a Training Package worth $104!

Want to test your listening skills some more?

The two CDs will be available soon!

To receive the next Listening Riddle and enter the contest, request a subscription to our newsletter "Great Communicating!"


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