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Customized Training

Helping organizations be more profitable & productive
by improving employee development

(Specific workshops and keynote speeches listed below)

“Entertaining, inspiring, and instructive.”  Spalding University

Do your High Potential Employees need professional development?  Do your Key Employees need to lead more effectively?  Does your Team need less conflict and fewer miscommunications?  Do your Leaders need to create a customer service culture?  Then, we can design a solution for you.

You have unique challenges

We conduct research & assessments to determine your needs 

Then, we create a solution - just for you


Short-term solutions (a few hours to a few days):

We offer interactive and energetic educational seminars and motivational presentations.  These are customized and designed for your needs.  We provide practical techniques and relevant examples, along with interaction from specially-designed activities.  Attendees learn practical solutions.


Long-term solutions (a few months to two years):

We believe in a comprehensive, integrated approach to solving problems.  It takes time to learn skills and change behavior.  People learn in different ways.  In addition to live seminars, our long-term programs include a combination of:  online learning, Executive Coaching, self-directed learning, and group discussions with guides.


Pre & Post Work - Individualized Learning Experience:

This innovative follow-up system can be added to short seminars or longer programs.  It allows participants to continue their learning and makes them accountable for results by providing both pre-work and post-work.  This includes an individual action plan that will help participants be successful long after the seminar is completed.


  • Customer Service

  • Personality Styles

  • Email Etiquette

  • Listening

  • Communication

  • Self-esteem/Attitude/Motivation

  • Presentation Skills

  • Leadership

  “Kelly Watkins delivers energetic presentations that are inclusive and
interactive.  She
thoroughly researches the background of participants in
her audience and
customizes presentations to include specific industry
.  A true pleasure to work with!” 
Foodservice Consultants Society Int’l


  • Leadership Development

  • Professional Development

  • Train the Trainer

  • Team Building

  • Executive Coaching



Presentations are customized to meet your specific objectives. 

No generic, off-the-shelf programs here!

These programs offer practical, nuts and bolts techniques with relevant industry-specific examples that participants can implement immediately.  (See below for long-term, in-depth training programs.)

"tailor made to our agency...wonderful custom-made program.” 
VA Dept. Transportation


Who Am I?  Who Are You?  How Did I Up With You for an Employee/Client?

Identify your behavior style. Build on your strengths and work on your limitations. Determine the behavior style of employees and clients. Then, adapt your style to communicate more effectively. Discover why people drive you batty and learn how to cope!

The Power of Positive, Professional Language

Discover how to get people to do what you want them to do - and have them enjoy doing it.  That's not manipulative - it's effective communication!  You'll also learn how to exceed expectations and avoid costly miscommunications.  You'll create a professional image when you learn how to avoid credibility robbers.

“. . . I have put in to use the Positive Statements discussed in your seminar and it has made me sound more willing to be helpful, without being negative.  Thanks for the information.”  L. Hardin, Monroe Shine

Email Etiquette Made Easy (and Effective)
Are you using email efficiently, or are you wasting time? Customers and colleagues form opinions about you based solely on your email communication. Are you creating a professional image? Discover the number one most effective technique to get your email opened. Dramatically improve the effectiveness of your messages. Discover how to get your messages read, answered, and acted upon. Understand how to use the mechanics of email (e.g., “Reply All” and “cc” ). Determine when email is not the best method of communication.

ABC’s: Above & Beyond Customer Service

Recognize the importance of customer service. Learn how to go above and beyond by: listening, exceeding expectations, and dealing with upset customers.

“I am really enjoying these training “seminars/workshops.” I myself am learning tremendously, and have all ready received tips that will help me in managing my team. Thanks again Kelly.”  LeapFrog Interactive Agency

Train Employees to Give Exceptional Service

The only thing that distinguishes you from the competition is your employees and the level of service they offer. Discover practical techniques for developing customer-oriented employees. Learn activities you can use to make training fun and educational.

Will the Audience Throw Eggs?

Learn to give polished, professional presentations that sizzle with pizzazz! Discover specific techniques to: write an organized speech (fast!); overcome nervousness; get (and keep) the audience’s attention; prepare efficiently; and present with confidence.

"Your help was priceless."  P. Bridgewater, General Electric

Listen Up - the key to improving productivity & decreasing conflict
70% - 90% of all communication is misinterpreted. Can you afford to misunderstand your customers and employees? No! Discover the #1 most effective way to improve your listening skills. Recognize the four common listening traps and learn how to overcome these barriers to communicate more effectively. Active listening helps you avoid conflict, decrease costly miscommunications, and create better relationships with customers and staff. Learn five techniques to improve your active listening skills.

“Learned while being entertained.  (Made) you think and listen.”  KYA Girl Scouts  


Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching is focused on improving skills and behavior to help individuals be more effective leaders and make a more positive impact at their companies.  The goal is to assist individuals in being more professional, productive, and personally-fulfilled – while helping their companies to be more successful.  This isn’t life coaching or career coaching.  This is one-on-one consulting for executives and leaders. 

Kelly Watkins is a Marshall Goldsmith-Certified Executive Coach.  Email us to receive information about our Coaching process - info@keepcustomers.com 

Keynote Speeches

“We all enjoyed your presentation this morning!  What an interesting way to present leadership concepts.”  Nat’l Assn of Women Business Owners

The PERfect Principles of Global Leadership
--How to be productive, profitable, & professional in a less-than-PERfect world

This cutting-edge program doesn’t waste time on theories that have no place in the real world. You’ll discover practical, relevant techniques to improve your communication skills as a leader. Let’s start with your mindset. Are you embracing a whole world of opportunities, or are you mired in the small stuff? The wider your lens, the more chances you have of finding concepts that will make your company more profitable and make your leadership style more productive.

You’ll leave with useful techniques you can use immediately - in this action-packed session, based on these four principles:

PERformance - Do you even want to be a leader? Before you work on skill sets, you first need to develop the right mindset.

PERspective - How do you look at the world? Discover how this view can be costing you and your company money. Then, learn specific techniques to improve your perspective as a leader, including how to use the #1 most effective tool for avoiding conflict.

PERception - How does the world look at you? Understand that the world judges you and what you can do about it. You’ll discover practical skills to improve your credibility. You’ll also discover how to use positive, professional language to lead more effectively.

PERsonalization - How can you personally balance all this work with life? How can you develop into the best leader you can be? Create your own style and determine your priorities.


The PERfect Principles of Global Customer Service
--How to increase productivity & profitability in global market

Different cultures view service in various ways. Gain insight into the international mindset about customer service. Recognize that everyone has customers - internal (your staff, colleagues, etc.) and external (those who buy your products and services).

As an executive, manager, or business owner, it is your responsibility to generate a customer service culture within your company. Discover how to create and maintain the concept of exceptional service - based on international standards.

Be ready to take notes! You will learn specific methods for teaching your staff how to exceed internal and external customer expectations. And, you will be inspired to take action immediately.

Leadership Lessons from Antarctica

Be the type of leader you’d want to follow!  This visually-stunning, inspirational keynote also includes techniques for communicating as a leader.  The inspiring stories show you how to survive in harsh environments – whether it’s Antarctica or in your industry.  The entertaining examples provide specific suggestions to help you communicate more effectively as a leader. 

Hear heroic tales of early explorers and their commitment to their crews.
And, ask yourself – How committed am I to my team?

Observe pictures of wildlife who thrive in brutal conditions.
And, ask yourself – How can I flourish in my work environment?

See stunning landscape photos and be inspired by the personal experiences of Kelly J. Watkins, who achieved her life-long dream by journeying to her seventh continent.

And, ask yourself – What am I actively doing to achieve my dreams?

Be entertained … Be inspired … Be a leader

“Your presentation was highly energetic, thought provoking and entertaining.  It focused upon the skills that are necessary for effective leadership in today’s environment.  It is obvious that you have the experience and expertise to assist others in developing an effective leadership style.”  Executive Women Int’l


A Little Bit Matters

How do you exceed customer expectations and create memorable experiences in your industry? By occasionally doing big things? No. The best way to impress your customers is to do the little stuff – all the time. It's not only easier to obtain repeat business from happy customers, it's less expensive!  And, happy customers tell others.  Be entertained and inspired while discovering specific techniques you can use to improve the customer experience and increase sales.

Be prepared to be inspired.  Don't let this motivational speech fool you.  The relevant examples will spark your creativity, and you'll think of techniques you can use immediately in your business and your personal life.  Then, the inspirational stories will motivate you to take action.

“Thanks to you for making this an outstanding conference.”
--Society of Travel & Tourism Educators


In-depth Programs/On-going Series

In-depth programs are designed specifically to meet your objectives. A needs analysis is conducted to determine content and delivery methods (i.e., workshop, on-going series, online learning). Research includes interviewing employees and key stakeholders, reviewing the company and industry, and incorporating your mission and values into a program that includes your company's culture, language, and lingo.

“You were a big hit!  The staff really enjoyed the training.  Through your sessions, we will make some definite progress.”  John-Kenyon Eye Center

Leadership Institute

Learn practical leadership skills through a series of courses. Simultaneously, you work on real-world assignments that allow you to practice and apply the skills you are learning. This integrated program is custom-designed for your organization to teach the concepts relevant to you.







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