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What are Special Reports? 

They are brief documents (5 Ė 10 pages) that contain nuts and bolts, practical information.  No fluff and no theory here.  These documents are loaded with tips and techniques you can implement immediately to better serve your customers and better communicate with your staff and your customers.  They also make great discussion guides for staff training. 


You donít have time to read a book.  You have a business to run and customers to serve.  So, Kelly has done the work for you.  The valuable content in these Special Reports is compiled and condensed from some of the 100+ articles Kelly has written, as well as from years of conducting seminars and consulting sessions.


Get the information you need right now! 

Simply order the document, and it will be downloaded to your computer.  Read it on your screen, or print it out.


Kelly's son, Ethan Worrall

Need to put out a fire or solve a problem?  Special Reports provide practical information in a hurry.

Special Report #1

Using Wireless Phones & Pagers Effectively
-- and without being rude    

  • Determine if you're being rude

  • Learn what to do if you need to accept a call during a meeting

  • Discover what to tell attendees of your meetings to do about their phones

  • Learn techniques for calling other wireless phones

  • Understand the different types of pagers

  • Learn to give proper instructions to others for how to use your pager


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