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Customer Service Training

via computer, on-line, & teleseminar


By subscribing to this program, you will receive a new training module every month. 


It’s convenient!

The training modules are brief (one to two hours).  You and your staff can learn in the convenience of your own office at your own computer or telephone. 

 “I am really enjoying these training “seminars/workshops.” I myself am learning tremendously, and have all ready received tips that will help me in managing my team. Thanks again Kelly.” 
LeapFrog Interactive Agency

It’s affordable! 

(It’s even down-right inexpensive.  In fact, it’s darn-near free, when you consider the value.)


There’s no travel cost involved.  There’s no “down time” while your staff commutes to the local conference center, like you would for a regular training session.  There are no expensive manuals to purchase. 

Comments from a distance learning seminar for Foodservice Consultants Society Int'l: 

  • "We've had lots of "a-ha's" and discussed a lot of great ideas amongst our group. Thank you. We look forward to the next one.”

  • "The conference online was very well presented. Congratulations!”

  • "Glad I scheduled the time!”

  • "Good forum!!"

It’s absolutely relevant! 

You and your staff will be able to serve customers better and more effectively.  For one low cost, you receive practical content you and your staff can implement now.  You also receive all the necessary elements for effective adult learning - relevant examples, interactive exercises, and guides to encourage discussion.  You can learn on your own, or your entire staff can meet in your conference room to learn and then discuss.


This exciting, innovative training tool will be available soon.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity! 

“Kelly, I applied your advise to “listen to understand, not to agree” yesterday and it’s very effective!” – Huffman Publishing

To learn more:   

Email me now at info@keepcustomers.com.  I’ll make sure you receive all the details when they’re available. 

 “You were a big hit!  The staff really enjoyed the training.  Through your sessions, we will make some definite progress.”  John-Kenyon Eye Center

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