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Will the Audience Throw Eggs?

The Key to Effective Listening

Little Moments to Cherish

E-Talk: Tip for Using High-Tech Communication Tools

Email Etiquette Made Easy  

Wow!  Just revised - November 2009

2009 4th Revised Edition

Comprehensive Guide:  150+ pages of
information, exercises, & activities

  • Learn to communicate professionally and save time by writing more effectively.

  • Avoid embarrassing blunders that could jeopardize your credibility or cost you customers.

  • No theory here. Discover practical techniques in this easy-to-read guide.

  • Learn from numerous exercises and examples.

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“After reading this book,
I saved several hours per week.”

--Amy F., Customer Service Manager

  email etiquette, e-mail etiquette, netiquette

Electronic version (download now) = $19 

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   Will the Audience Throw Eggs?

  • An easy-to-read, nuts and bolts, practical guide to public speaking.

  • Written in outline format so you can learn at-a-glance.

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“… the materials used and the expertise you shared with the participants was very much appreciated.  Obviously public speaking and presentation are very important to our members, giving them confidence in whatever field they work.  Thank you….” 
International Federation of Business & Professional Women 

public speaking


Electronic version (download now) = $9 


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PERfect Principles of

Global Leadership

PERception Principle - DVD


In a PERfect world, leaders would be

profitable, productive, and professional. But, the world isn't perfect.


This Complete Learning System on DVD contains three 20-minute modules on The PERception Principle.

You receive more than one hour of exercises, activities, examples, and practical learning opportunities.


"Your focus on effective communication has already enabled me to make improvements ...”  Executive Women International


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The Key to Effective Listening

This isn’t a boring book! This is an Interactive Guide to learning with more than 14 exercises and 13 examples.  You'll discover the #1, most important element in listening. 

This 35-page guide to improving listening skills is filled with practical techniques.  The exercises will show you how to implement these techniques.  The action plans will help you develop personal strategies to become a more effective listener.

  • Avoid conflict

  • Improve relationships
    (with customers, colleagues, and staff)

  • Strengthen teams

  • Enhance productivity

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The Key Ñ
to Effective


An Interactive Guide


Kelly J. Watkins


Being revised, click to receive discount on new version, when released.


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The Power of Professional Language

There are 3 Communication Skills Guides in this series:

"Use Positive Language"

"Use Descriptive Language"

"Avoid Credibility Robbers"

This series of Communication Skills Guides will be available soon




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