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"The PERfect Principles of Global Leadership"



Complete Learning System

PERception Principle - 3 Modules

By Kelly Watkins, MBA

In a PERfect world, leaders would be

profitable, productive, and professional

But, the world isn't perfect. In this cutting-edge program, Kelly Watkins doesn't waste time on theories that have no place in the real world. She has developed a specific, pragmatic methodology for increasing revenue and results,
based on four PERfect Principles. In this DVD, Kelly shares one of the principles - PERception. 


By applying these techniques,

you will improve your bottom line.

Are you a busy executive, professional, or manager?

This DVD was designed for you! Each Module is only 20 minutes, so you can squeeze some valuable education into your overloaded schedule without being overwhelmed.

Suggested Uses / Applications

Use this DVD for your individual learning or create a group learning environment. You can watch all three Modules at once, or show them separately for:

  • Staff meeting

  • Self-improvement

  • Small group discussion

  • Lunch & Learn

  • Staff retreat

This Complete Learning System on DVD contains

three 20-minute modules on The PERception Principle.


"Understand that the world judges you and discover what you can do about it."

You receive more than one hour of exercises, activities, examples, and practical learning opportunities.


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$197, plus shipping & handling


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