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Great Communicating!


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Great Communicating!
Improve productivity & profitability | February 2010

Kelly Watkins

What is poor communication costing your company?

1.  Article - Dubai:  Different or Similar?

2.  Application - How can this concept help you?

3.  Revised book - Email Etiquette Made Easy

4.  Fun Listening Riddle

5.  Customized solutions to your leadership &       
     customer service challenges

1.  Dubai:  Different or Similar?
By Kelly Watkins, MBA

During one of my many trips to Dubai, I was standing in a looong taxi line at the mall.  There were about 200 people in front of me.  How do I know?  Because when you’re standing in line for 1½ hours, you don’t have much else to do except watch the people.


Dubai is known for its diversity.  The taxi line resembled a United Nations convention on “Bring Your Family to Work Day.”  There were at least 20 countries represented.  People were speaking different languages and wearing all manner of clothing from black abaya robes to tank tops and flip flops.  I was immersed in looking at the differences, until . . . 


A small child started to cry – loudly.  He was lost and was trying to make his way to the Security Guard at the front of the line.  Upon hearing his cries, all 200 people became silent.  The sea of people parted, and the crying child easily made his way through the line.  No one said a word until that poor child reached the Security Guard.

(See pictures & read Kelly's travel articles)


At that moment, I realized – forget the differences.  Some things are universally similar, including concern for a child. 


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2.  How can you apply this lesson?

Think about how this example relates to you.  How you can you apply it to your position at your company or association?


When you're a leader, you can . . .


Acknowledge the differences, but look for the similarities. 


Understand that the people around you are different from you.  To communicate effectively with them, you need to adapt your communication based on their individual behavior styles.  (Learn about behavior profiles/assessments.)


While it’s important to recognize the differences, seek to find something in common.  Looking for similarities will help you create connections and strengthen relationships.  It will also help you avoid the “I’m right and you’re wrong” mentality.  (Learn about seminars)


When you’re leading in a customer service environment, you can . . .

Encourage your employees to think about their own shopping preferences.  Remind them that their customers want a similar level of service.  Ask them what they liked/disliked about their own recent shopping encounters.  Then, ask them to share specific examples of how they can use that information to create positive experiences for their customers. 

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Kelly helps companies improve productivity & profitability by applying the global insights she’s gained from traveling to all 7 continents.  Read travel stories . . . 


3.  Newly Revised Book 


Email Etiquette Made Easy      

--Comprehensive guide to avoid costly email mistakes

Newly revised!  4th Edition

Filled with examples, exercises & practical info

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4.  How good are your listening skills? 

Read this fun Listening Riddle question ONE TIME only.  Then, answer.


Question:  John’s mother had four children:  January, February, March, and _____ ?

The answer is . . .


John’s mother had four children.  Three of their names were January, February, March.  The only child left is John.  (Need to improve your listening skills?)


5.  What is poor communication costing your company?

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Happy Communicating!

Kelly J. Watkins


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