Executive Professionalism

The ability to behave and communicate
like a professional

Kelly Watkins

Founder of Executive Professionalism

You may have knowledge, expertise, and talent.  But, if you don't have Executive Professionalism™, no one will listen to you.  No one will value your input.  Do you feel invisible and ignored?  Do you need to improve your professionalism and effectiveness?


For 20 years, Kelly Watkins has studied and researched the concept of perception and how it affects your ability to lead.  In order to be heard, you must perceived as credible and professional. Kelly has created a term for this concept - Executive Professionalism™. Learn more here.

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The definition of Executive Professionalism™ is  . . .

the ability to behave and communicate in a professional and effective manner.

In other words, you act like a professional.

“For years, women all over the world have told me they are tired of being invisible and ignored.
They want to be perceived as credible, so people will value their input.”

-- Kelly Watkins

You may have heard of terms such as Executive Presence. This term refers to an “overall package” that includes such vague elements as charisma, charm, gravitas, how to dress, etc.

Executive Professionalism™ is a large component of that package. However (and it’s a big “however”!), Executive Professionalism™ focuses solely on behavior and skills.

That means - you can learn Executive Professionalism™.
It can be obtained through training and development.

You can’t control other people’s opinions. But, you can control how you act.

When you behave and communicate professionally, it gives you credibility.

When you learn better communication skills, you are also more effective.
(And, wouldn’t you love to have more time every day to … spend with family, pursue your hobby, read a book, or just do nothing at all?!?)

You have achieved Executive Professionalism™ when -

• You are perceived by others as credible
• You can communicate in a professional manner
• You can behave like a professional

What is keeping you from achieving Executive Professionalism™?

Let us help you with -

• Executive Coaching (Kelly Watkins is a Marshall Goldsmith-certified Executive Coach)
• Long-term training programs, designed exclusively for your company’s employees

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We also offer Online Professional Development

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What is poor communication and lousy leadership costing your company?

If you have an organization, team, or department that needs to work together more effectively. Or, if you have employees who are working well and you want them to be even better … We can help! Whether we “fill the gap” in your current training, or design a complete new program – all solutions are highly customized to fit your company and your culture.  Contact us.


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Happy Leading,

Kelly Watkins

Kelly Watkins, Founder of Executive Professionalism

President of Expressive Concepts

Global Thought Leader – Sharing experiences from all 7 continents to improve corporate effectiveness and employee development


P.S. To learn more about improving Executive Professionalism for you or your staff, visit www.ExecutiveProfessionalism.com 

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