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Email Etiquette Workshop

Practical Techniques for Efficient & Effective Email


Free Mini-Workshop is coming soon! 


You'll receive great email tips & techniques.  All the content for the workshop will be sent to you via email.

  • Learn how to write messages that are more effective.

  • Discover ways to improve your efficiency via email.

  • Learn practical techniques to make your email appear more professional.

  • Recognize the importance of creating a professional image via email.

To learn more:   

Email me now at info@keepcustomers.com.  I’ll make sure you receive all the details when they’re available. 


 “You were a big hit!  The staff really enjoyed the training.  Through your sessions, we will make some definite progress.”  John-Kenyon Eye Center


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email etiquette, e-mail etiquette, netiquette

Filled with more than 100 pages of practical techniques, information, exercises, & activities

Electronic version (download now) = $19 

Printed version = $24 +  S&H

What a bargain!  Consider how much just one mistake in an email to a customer could cost you in lost goodwill, lost professional image, or lost revenue!
Don't be lost; order now!

“After reading this book, I saved several hours per week.”
--Amy F., Customer Service Manager

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Don't take a chance on committing an embarrassing mistake or blunder with your colleagues or boss.  Don't waste another valuable minute of your time wondering if you're sending
inappropriate emails.  Order now!

E-mail Etiquette Made Easy Content:

  • Learn to communicate professionally, and save time by writing e-mail messages more effectively.

  • Avoid embarrassing e-mail blunders that could jeopardize your credibility or cost you customers.

  • No theory here.  Discover practical techniques for improving your email communication - with exercises to reinforce your learning.

“After reading your book I was able to help others within our company improve their communications skills via email.”
-- Byron P., IT Manager, Regional Accounting Firm

“I needed to create a customized training course, and needed source materials. The information was very useful (and the training was a hit!).”
-- Berni D. Director of Human Resources

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"As a result, we were able to leave ... with actionable steps to improve our listening skills."  Campbell Soup Sales Co.

I know our group hinges on customer service and we appreciate your help!”  Fastball Internet


"I myself am learning tremendously, and have all ready received tips that will help me in managing my team. LeapFrog Interactive Agency


"Students have rated your courses highly.  Thank you for providing Louisville-area lifelong learners with enriching experiences.Bellarmine University

Here is Kelly's son (Ethan Worrall) using multiple methods of communication at the same time

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