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Comment on Kelly's seminar on DiSC® behavior styles & personality types:
“Behavior styles matter in selling.” 
Glaser Collision Centers

Our most popular behavior style product -

DiSC® Personal Profile System®
(personality/behavior types) 

Great for individuals, teams, or the entire company.

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Improve your performance by understanding why you act and react the way you do - at work, at play, at home, on the sports field, and in the community. Avoid misunderstandings while improving productivity.  Reduce down time due to conflict.  These Profiles are wonderful tools for improving relationships, strengthening teams, leading people, managing staff, and retaining customers.  


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Many of these programs include Facilitator's Manuals.  You can conduct the training, or we can do it for you.

Coping & Stress Profile®

Adventures in Attitudes®

Action Planners: Sales, Customer Service, Management, Leadership, Telephone Service

Personal Listening Profile™

Dimensions of Leadership Profile™

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Comment after Kelly's seminar on DiSC® behavior styles:
“Learn the type of personality of prospect to try and sell.”
  Thrifty Car Rental

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(by topic and by medium)

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