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What is Poor Communication

Costing Your Company?


Does your company need to Keep Customers or Improve Communication?

If so, we're here to help!  Keep reading.

Do you need to improve Leadership & Executive Professionalism?

If so, learn more here


Communication is the Key to a Profitable Business

14% of every work week is wasted due to poor communication.  That's six hours per week.  Imagine the return on your investment when you let us help you improve your company's communication!  You will immediately see improved leadership and customer service (internal & external).  Find out how much help you need ... with fun questions below.

"Your focus on effective communication has already enabled me to make improvements
in my written communications skills at Ernst & Young.” —
Ernst & Young


We can help with Communication,
Customer Service for Leaders, & Leadership

"She spent a lot of time understanding our business so the concepts she taught would apply to us.  As a result, we were able to leave the session with actionable steps . . . "
Jennifer M., Campbell Soup

customer service Africa

customer service Thailand

foodservice & hospitality

From the souks of Marrakech, Morocco To the markets of Bangkok, Thailand

To the science center of Pt. Lockroy, Antarctica

Kelly Watkins has been all over the planet

-- all 7 continents & all 50 US states

Kelly has witnessed communication from awful to awesome, and ...

your company can benefit from these experiences!

Expressive Concepts offers customized solutions to your challenges:

Consulting, Seminars, Online Self Study, Leadership University, ...

“You really used our language and lingo. We felt like you knew our business. Gary, CPA


  • Global customer service

  • Listening skills

  • Leadership

  • Communication skills

  • Team Building

  • Email etiquette

  • Customer service for leaders

  • Presentation skills

  • Behavior/personality styles

  • Positive, professional language

"As a Marriott Sales person with multiple properties, I was able to leave the session with an Action Plan on how to keep my new clients happy and how to gain prospective clients.” 
-- Stephanie D., Sales Manager, Marriott

**** Email Etiquette Made Easy ****

Comprehensive Guide to using effectively in a business environment

 Click to see email tips & order book

“After reading this book, I saved several hours per week.”
--Amy F., Customer Service Manager

 Improve profits by improving communication,
leadership, & customer service

Hear Kelly Watkins share an example that applies to your business. Double click:  Are you too busy leading staff & serving customers - to notice the person?  


Of all communication, 70 to 90% is misunderstood.  As a busy leader, you simply can't afford to lose that much time.  Learn the skills to be a more effective communicator.  And, make sure your staff learns them, too!

It costs 6 to 10 times more to obtain a new customer than it does to keep a current one.  Don't work so hard.  Keep your current customers - by communicating more effectively!



Question:  Is good service memorable?  
Answer:  No!  Click here to learn why ... and how to exceed expectations


Question:  What's the number one key to listening?
Answer:  LUNA
  Click here to learn what this acronym means & see other tips



Question:  Can you teach your staff to be "proactive"?
Answer:  Yes! 
Click here to learn how. 


Question:  What is the best way to differentiate your company, hotel or restaurant?
Answer:  Your employees. 
Click here to learn more. 


“I am really enjoying these training “seminars/workshops.” I myself am learning tremendously,
and have all ready
received tips that will help me in managing my team.   - Interactive Agency


  Listening Riddles


   Click to see answers to the Listening Riddles from Great Communicating! newsletter.


  Travel Articles


   Click to read Kelly's articles on Antarctica, Dubai, Kenya, and more!  (Great pictures, too!)


No Boring Books here! 

Kelly Watkins shares info you can use now!

Tired of reading boring books written by people who don't know anything about communication in the real world?  The tools we offer (books, online learning systems, training guides, DVDs, webinars . . .) are absolutely relevant to how you communicate in the business and professional world.  These products are filled with examples and interactive exercises.  You receive the information you need to communicate more efficiently, serve customers more profitably, and lead more effectively.

Thanks, Kelly!  Everyone loves your book!  Really Good News Co.



Kelly is Past President of             Kelly is 2004 Chapter Member of the Year

National Speakers Assn/KY           Kentucky Chapter of National Speakers Assn




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